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International Calls, Mobile Recharges and SMS from the App and Web

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When buying 5 USD in Funds for the first time
Free for calls and SMS


When buying 10 USD in Funds for the first time
Free for calls and SMS


When referring a friend or relative, once both have made a purchase

Hablax Services

International Calls

VIP quality without echoes or voice cuts. Also, we do not round up to the full minute in 95% of destinations, and your balance never expires.

International SMS

Reliable and fast delivery on mobiles around the world at low prices. Available from our app or website

Mobile Top-ups

Send Mobile Recharges to more than 550 operators in more than 135 countries, using our App or website.

Gift Cards

Buy Gift Cards using our App and Web for Spotify, iTunes, Fornite, Roblox, Minecraft, eBay and more.

Mobile top-ups to 550+ companies in more than 135 countries with ease and speed.

Customer Reviews

See what customers say about our services.

"Excellent application for international calls. I live in Bogotá, Colombia ... and call my loved ones in Caracas, Venezuela without problems. The call is perfect without any problem. I highly recommend this app. The costs are quite supportive compared to other long distance calling services."

NLC Asesoría

"Excellent application, recharges arrive at the moment and good advice service through chat, Congratulations, keep it that way."

Julio Garrido Albuerne

"Excellent service, I recommend it for its efficiency and excellent service, I really liked this application and good service with its authorized agents."

Sol Chiqui

Customer Service


Customer Service every day from 10 am to 11 pm (Eastern Time, USA) by chat.


Available 24/7, click the button below.

Customer Service & Access Numbers

Customer Service every day from 10am to 11pm (Eastern Time, USA) for calls.