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International calls and SMS special for new customers of Hablax

special to call and send sms to cuba

Receive $3.50 Bonus

Get a $3.50 USD bonus and 10 free SMS when you add $5 USD or approximately 4.60 EUR of calling credit for the first time. If you have not called using Hablax we encourage you to do it today. Our international connection is direct with the quality of a local call.. You only pay for the time consumed in seconds because we do not round up to the minute. We also do not have connection charges, disconnection charges and your balance does not expire. This calling offer is only available for new customers.

10 Free Text Messages

As part of your welcome package in Hablax you have 10 Free SMS that can be used for any of the countries available on our website. To send a message you must login to your Hablax account, then go to our menu and select Send SMS. This offer is only for new customers as well.

Who is Hablax?

Hablax offers Cellphone Recharges to more than 120 countries, Wi-Fi Nauta recharges, SMS and calls to the entire world. No false promises or hidden charges. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the communications industry and we believe that the industry has focused on a price war forgetting that what you want is an efficient and effective service, based on high quality. For this reason Hablax was founded, so that you, your friends and family can communicate with excellence.
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7 comentarios en “International calls and SMS special for new customers of Hablax

  1. I am resident in the USA and do not yet have an unlocked mobile phone.How can I send an text/sms to Cuba, and how can a Cuban reply to me in the USA,or to me in anther country, like Mexico or UK or Canada?

  2. Hello David, that is a great question.

    You can send SMS to Cuba using our website, in fact, as a welcome package you get 10 Free SMS to Cuba when you sign up in Legally, Cuba does not allow SMS to USA, however, they do allow SMS to other countries like Mexico, UK and Canada. For a person in Cuba to send an SMS all they need is your phone number, keep in mind that sending an SMS from Cuba to another country is very expensive, as high as 0.60 CUC per SMS.

  3. Hello Bashir,

    Apologies for the inconvenient. We have fixed this issue which was affecting some users in United Kingdom. Please try again or contact us via telephone at: 02038089595

    You can also open a chat directly with our support team on this website, the link is at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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